Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hola Empty Clinic...?

Today was our first day of clinic in Guatemala City. We served only about 114 people completely undermining our expectation of about 250 people. On the bright side however, we had to turn no people away even though we were worried we'd have to turn many away! Our morning was quite busy and we thought that it would keep up throughout the day, but obviously, the bustling flow died down drastically after our spaghetti lunch. The afternoon was extremely slow, with only about 20 people and those from Guatemala working with us, receiving their glasses. While the clinic was extremely slow, we kids got to enjoy plenty of soccer and basketball! We were able to play with the few local kids there and teach especially one little girl how to shoot a basketball! (She has an impressive shot) ;) On the way back to our mission home, we encountered a little bit of roadside entertainment during a hold up in traffic. A man was putting diesel fuel in his mouth and spitting fire off of a torch! Nothing like some good ol' Guatemalan creativity! Our night concluded with a spaghetti dinner and our devotions/debriefing. We kids all laughed extremely hard all night and throughout dinner and by the end, claimed that "we all got an ab workout because we laughed so hard!"
It is probably an extremely good thing that the "kids of the team" are all placed at our own table in the garage/kitchen so that we can be AWAY from the adults! On the other hand, we are all asking for a special prayer for Mark because he was sick all day today and is quite an important addition to the team and we want him healthy as soon as possible. All prayers matter and are greatly appreciated!
It was definitely a great day to serve the Lord! Adios!  Written by: Sarah + Eden

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