Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today was a Great Day!

Some interesting stories were shared today! However, before we get into that, I'll do a brief summary of our day. We started off with a scrumpcious breakfast of bacon and eggs. As we got the clinic started, we thought, okay, we're gonna have a busy day! Wrong. The day started off just like yesterday and we served about 97 people in the morning. However, as the afternoon rolled around, the clinic began to seem very empty once again. Contrary to our thoughts, we served about 117 people. But again, on the bright side, we turned no one away! After what seemed to be a pretty long day, we took our drive back to our mission home. We were served a delicious dinner consisting of wonderful chicken, tomatoes, and green beans. Just like every night, we carried on with our devotions and discussions about our day.

This is Rolando.  I want to share a story about what happened today.  As we were doing our work, teaching about human trafficking, I got up to throw away some trash.  As I was walking through the kitchen of the church I was stopped by one of the workers Sofia.  She was speaking with another woman (we will call her "Sara"} who had asked her what we were teaching upstairs.  Sofia told we were talking about human trafficking.  Sara then told her she was a victim of human trafficking.  Sofia asked if she wanted to speak with me about it.  (Only about four people know about what had happened to her.) She said yes and we began to talk.  She told me that she is from a Latin American country and she came to Guatemala about 12 years ago.  Like most girls, she was promised a job working as waitress.  Shortly after her arrival she was forced to work as a prostitute to pay off her "debt".  After "working" for four months she was able to escape.  Fast forward 12 years, she told me that she has been carrying the shame and guilt of being involved in that "work".  It is not uncommon for her to cry and have nightmares about her abuse.  I was able to share the love of Jesus with her and told her about the peace and joy that is found in Him.  I asked her if she wanted to pray and we did.  She asked the Lord to forgive her of her sins and to come into her heart.  I told her she is now a child of the King and there is no condemnation.  There is nothing greater in the world than seeing someone come to know the Lord  I don't know who was happier her or me.  I have often said that the difference between a vacation and a mission trip is; a vacation if fun, a mission trip are fulfilling.  I thank God for allowing me the privilege of leading someone to Him. Who knows, this may have been the only reason we were sent to Guatemala.  If it was, then it was well worth it.

Written by: Eden and Rolando

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  1. Rolando, thanks for sharing. It is surely God's work that he placed you and this woman along the same path, even just for a few minutes. Human trafficking is more insidious than we can ever imagine.
    God Bless!