Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back to Guatemala City

Greetings from wonderful Guatemala city!  After 4 days/nights in Zacapa (elevation 390 feet and average temperature of 95 degrees) we are back in Guatemala City for the next 3 days/nights (elevation 5000 feet and average temperature of 75 degrees).  We're already enjoying the cooler temperatures and are excited to start our clinic at a new site tomorrow morning - bright and early (clinic starts at 8am).

When we arrived at the church tonight to drop off our glasses and supplies, they told us they have been advertising on the radio about the eye clinic and hope for 200+ per day.  We are starting out with doing 150 and we'll see where that get us - if we have time for more we'll get in as many as we can.  We won't pass on a chance share the Good News with someone and help improve their quality of life with glasses that help them to see better.

In Zacapa we saw just short of 450 people over the 4 days (2 full days, 2 half days) and handed out over 600 pairs of glasses (some need 2 pair - distance and reading), as well as some sunglasses we brought along.  We're also adding a new component to our eye clinics this year, handing out eye dropper bottles with a recipe card so they can make eye drops.  Many of the people we see have red eyes or itchy or dry eyes, which will all be helped with eye drops.

Pray for us to be re-energized for the start of the new clinic tomorrow and strength as we finish out the week.

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  1. You are doing God's work. Jesus healed the blind man's eyes and you are helping people to see again!