Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July - Part 2 (by Sarah)

Kyle also tried to hunt geckos with a rubber band, no trophys yet.  Third day of the clinic for some reason had some harder patients come through the clinics today that slowed us down today.  We still saw many clients, about 133 people.  At one point we had to open 4 dispensing stations because of the crowd.  This was our most exhausting day yet.  Plenty of time for playing with the kids.  The trafficking team finished their training today.  We heard very encouraging stories of motivated trainees.  They are ready to start tackling the problem head in and set goals for themselves. we have half a day of clinic and are off to Guatemala City.  Everyone on the team is well and doing great!

I've attached a few photos of some of the group doing their tasks, as well as the beautiful USA flag cake we were surprised with at lunch (yes, that is a firecracker in in!).  They had a confetti gun that was supposed to rain down fake $100 bills on us but they couldn't get it working.

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  1. Thanks for the photos, nice to see my little brother (Karl) was captured in the background.
    What a blessing to have all of you sharing our Lord and Savior and so often without words.
    Brother #2