Sunday, July 3, 2016


Written by Sarah:

 Another good day for both teams.  The temperature was in the mid-90s.  About 90 people came through the eyeglass clinic.  Almost everyone needed glasses.  This all happened after church.   Three babies were baptized today.  Most adults on the team took communion in the 1 hour 45 min service.  At the end of the service, some Guatemala children performed Daniel and the lions' den.  Soon after, we started clinic. Near the end of the clinic, a third testing station had to be opened in order to alleviate the clogged hallway.  This rush passed through the dispensing station and filled the hallway next to the fitting station.  The clinic finished shortly before 5.  Since the Trafficking team did not end till 6, the team had an hour of free time which they spent at the pools or in their rooms.  Kyle went coconut hunting by throwing coconuts at the coconuts still in the trees.  We finished off the day with spaghetti, devotions, debreifing, and another night of sleep.

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