Sunday, July 10, 2016

Final Day of Clinic

There are a lot of stories we could share from throughout the week but I wanted to share a special one from Friday that really tugged at my heart.  On many eyeglasses trips, near the end of the week you will run out of the some prescriptions.  Well this trip we were running low on -1.00 and -1.25 glasses by the second day in Guatemala City (clinic day 6 including Zacapa).  On the last day, our church host came up to us and asked "Did I hear you are running out of -1.25 glasses?" and we were completely out.  So she took her glasses off and handed them to us, right when we had someone that needed a pair of that prescription.  She was willing to give up her own clear eyes for a while so someone else could receive new glasses, and that just brought tears of joy to my eyes.

When we were packing up to leave, she came up and told the team "Thank you so much for coming.  I saw Jesus on all of your faces and in the work you did.  It means so much to me that you care so much for my people."

We finished the week strong by seeing 256 people and handing out 303 pairs of glasses on Friday, bringing our week totals to 781 people served and 1113 pairs of glasses given out!

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